Polytechnic Diploma (Diploma In Engineering)

About Polytechnic Diploma

A Polytechnic Course is a three year diploma course that mainly offers the widely technical aspects of education to students.

In the recent years, a vast number of students are found to prefer, pursuing Polytechnic over many other options and that is because polytechnic courses demand minimum eligibility, cost a fraction of what other courses might cost and offer good job opportunities.

Poly-technic is like a pre-engineering course which provides the students with a wide practical exposure.

Specializations of Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering

Currently, the main specializations of a polytechnic Course in India are -

  1. Civil Engineering- Polytechnic in Civil Engineering is a 2-3 year course, which is currently known to be the best career-oriented diploma course in India.
  2. Mechanical Engineering - This is a three year polytechnic course designed to teach Designing, Manufacturing, and Maintenance of mechanics.
  3. Electrical Engineering-This is a three year engineering program that course specializes in installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, signal processing, and telecommunications, etc.
  4. Chemical Engineering- This is a three year engineering level diploma course that develops the mind of students in order to create something useful and new using chemicals or raw materials.
  5. Computer Science and Engineering- This is a 3 year long course that deals with computation, practical techniques.
  6. Electronic and Communication Engineering- This course revolves around the understanding of electronic devices, magnetic fields, computer fundamentals, etc.
  7. Electrical & Electronics Engineering- This course offers the students with all the skill and knowledge they would require in the industry as electrical engineers.
  8. Automobile Engineering- Automobile Engineering is related to testing and understanding suitable parts of an automobile.
  9. Fashion Engineering- This is a one-year diploma level course that deals with the fashion and lifestyle industry through practical experiences.
  10. Ceramic Engineering- This course deals with the study, design and manufacturing of Ceramic Materials.
  11. Instrumentation and Control Engineering- This is an undergraduate Instrumentation course which deals with implementation of control systems.
  12. Aeronautical Engineering- This course allows the students to have a career in Aviation as well as Construction, Air Craft Design, etc.
  13. Petroleum Engineering-This 3-year course is designed to equip the students with the specific skills and knowledge they need in a gas or petroleum industry.
  14. Mining Engineering- It mainly focuses on the science technology and application of mining such as extraction of minerals.
  15. Biotechnology Engineering- Biotechnology means Technology combined with Biology for research and development.
  16. Agricultural Engineering- This course deals in topics like Water Resources Engineering, Farm Machinery, Watershed Management, etc.
  17. Production Engineering- This is a three month to three year diploma course offering the study of Integrated Design and Efficient planning of the entire manufacturing System.
  18. Textile Engineering- This is an engineering field that deals with the production of textile fabrics and yarns that are involved in textile manufacturing.
  19. Environmental Engineering- This course covers topic like Air Quality, Noise, Water and waste management and environmental monitoring Control.

Benefits of Polytechnic Diploma 

  • Polytechnic Courses require minimum Eligibility. Students who have completed their 10th or 12th are eligible to apply.
  • Polytechnic Courses offer practical knowledge in a wide spectrum of technical fields, which can turn out to be very helpful in securing good jobs.
  • Students pursuing Polytechnic can switch to B.Tech after their second year via Lateral Entry.
  • Polytechnic Courses cost much less than any other graduate courses.
  • A Polytechnic Certificate holder has education almost at par with any degree graduate.

Admission Process And Criteria

Minimum Qualification

Students are required to at least have passed Class 10th or Class 12th with a minimum of 40%.

Compulsory Subjects

Mathematics, Science & English (Generally)

Entrance Examinations

AP POLYCET, APJEE, DCECE, CG PPT, TS POLYCET, Uttarakhand JEEP, JEECUP, J&K Polytechnic Entrance Test.

Admission Process

Students are required to submit the application forms from the concerned authorities of the institution they decide to get into. After submitting the required fees an Admit Card is issued with all the necessary details regarding the Entrance Exam date, time and location. Students who qualify the Entrance Examination are called for the counselling procedure and admission is issued considering all the factors.

Career Opportunities After Pursuing This Course

Polytechnic courses offer a fair amount of job opportunities to students in their respective fields. Companies like Unitech, TCS, Wipro, Bajaj Auto, TATA Power offer a number of jobs to polytechnic students to hire them at a junior level in fields like Construction, Manufacturing or Communicaion Sectors. These jobs offer a beginner salary package of 2-3 Lakh Per Annum. Other than these many Government jobs are offered by companies like BHEL, BSNL, GAIL,offer job like Junior Engineer, IT Assistant, Clerk, Technician, etc.

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