About Architecture

The Architecture includes both the method and the output. When a building infrastructure is designed, it comprises the specialized techniques through which the execution shall occur. An Architect designs various infrastructures, namely: residential houses, commercial buildings, stadiums, airport terminals, highways, malls, complexes, cities

Architecture has extensive job opportunities, as the demand for architectural structures is increasing due to globalization, population growth, lifestyle change, and continuous development.

The study of Architecture is based on art/design, engineering, construction, and technology. It involves designing (exterior/interior), planning, making blueprints, developing building models, constructing infrastructures, electrical and HVAC plans, plumbing drawings, detailed construction drawings, budget management, architectural norms and by-laws, building codes, material specifications, health, and safety regulations, quality checks, etc.

To practice Architecture, one shall pursue an Architecture degree, diploma, or certificate course. The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) is one of the most prominent bachelor's degrees that provide ample knowledge and scholarly qualifications and helps increase one's analytic abilities.

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